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The following year, a quartet of decorators (Donath & Co., Adolph Hamann, Richard Klemm, and Oswald Lorenz) registered a crown stamp as the official mark for their Dresden wares.

Should I completely forgive him and keep focusing on the positives of our relationship?

I have some sympathy for a good woman who gets cheated on, no matter what she looks like.

In fact, the link between Dresden and Meissen is so close, particularly in the minds of United States and United Kingdom collectors, that for years the more familiar word, Dresden, was used to describe figurines and other porcelain pieces that had actually been produced in Meissen.

For these reasons, these decorating activities consisted mostly of hand-painting porcelain figurines or tableware, but also in making small bits of porcelain (hats, small animals, flowers, handles etc) to attach to the original blanks to enhance their appeal.