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03 Apr

Hindus believe that the food can have a profound impact on one's life, and appropriate diet can help in pursuing one's chosen lifestyle.The Hindu compassion for all living beings, leads Hindus to vegetarian practices.However, if your host drinks and keeps drinks at home, a bottle of whisky or wine is an acceptable gift. Since many Hindus are vegetarians, and part of a dead animal would definitely be an unsuitable gift.Social & Family Etiquette Before entering an Indian family home, take off your shoes/sandals and leave them outside.The left hand is not used for eating, (even if you are left-handed,) this is considered offensive and unclean. Don’t be tempted to use your left hand as it is bad Indian etiquette and considered offensive. The hygiene of jootha: While sharing is good Indian etiquette and manners, sharing a glass, spoon, drinking bottle etc., coming into contact with another’s spit is called jootha and is considered offensive in many parts of India. In Indian etiquette never offer anyone food from your thali, even if it is in one of the little bowls and you haven't touched it. Mostly Indian etiquette has the same basic rules as Western etiquette, for example: 5. Gift Etiquette When invited to an Indian family home for dinner, it is considered good Indian etiquette to give a gift, such as a box of chocolates or flowers.All the food that is placed on your thali becomes jootha:. If your host has children, a gift for the child [a toy or a book] is a good gesture and totally acceptable.Drinking alcohol is culturally not accepted in most parts of India.

If you do join in and eat with your hands, try not to use your left hand.

They see their contribution to be - making the guest feel at home in terms of the food they cook [or cooked under their supervision].

Appreciating and praising the food are considered proper etiquette, since it is a compliment to the lady of the house.

It is considered good manners to arrive 15 to 30 minutes late.

In many Indian homes, women remain mostly in the kitchen.