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15 May

The Interregional Holocaust Foundation was established in Moscow in 1997.It is the first organizations in the post-Soviet era aimed at preserving the memory of Holocaust victims, creating museums and documentary exhibitions, including the subject in the curricula of schools and institutions of higher education, organizing commemorative events, erecting monuments, and gathering of evidence and memoirs.

It opened ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27, the anniversary of the Soviet Army’s liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland in 1945 by Soviet troops.27th of January / On the 26th of January, the annual International Conferences for Students and young Scientists was opened in the Museum of Jewish History and the Holocaust in the Memorial Synagogue, which belongs to the Russian Jewish Congress.

The first President of the Center was Mikhail Gefter (1918-1995), Russia's outstanding historian and philosopher.

The Center and the Foundation brings together more than 200 Russian professional scientists, journalists, public figures and teachers as well as former ghetto prisoners and veterans of WW2.

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