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This index contains links to the Agency's authors and their books.Author profiles include a biography, photograph and a list of their books.A, Officer Adams, Tom Addicott, Cameron Addison, Adrian Adler, Dominic Alba, Carlos Aldrich, Richard J.Allen, Peter Anson, Jane Arbiter, Dickie Arnold, Catharine Arriaga, Manuel Astor, Des Aylett, Stanley Baines, Shaun Bains, Gurpareet Baker, Alan Banks, Chloe Bardsley, Christopher Barker, Juliet Barker, Hugh Barrett-Lee, Lynne Beattie, Doug Beckett, Francis Bellamy, Guy Berthon, Simon Best, Nicholas Birch, Anna Bleetman, Tony Bloom, Bernice Bocking, Ted Boyd, Julia Brazier, Hugh Bullock, David Cairns, Warwick Callan, Rory Campbell, Duncan Carey, Nessa Carman, Dominic Cartledge, Bryan Cary, Joyce Castle, Malcolm Chapman, Marina Chapman, Louise Cheshire, Tom Clark, Adrian Clay, Jeremy Clegg, Lisa Colmez, Coralie Conlin, Jonathan Conroy, Mark Cormac, Rory Cornell, David Corr, Laura Craig, David Crowley, Roger Croydon, Helen Cursey, Simon Daughtrey, Peter Davies, Melanie Davies, James Davis, Warwick A.Nowhere to Go: : The heartbreaking true story of a boy desperate to be loved Number 19 Cleveland Street Of Fortunes and War: Clare Hollingworth – first of the female war correspondents Of Love and Hunger: With an introduction by D. Taylor Old Apulia: The Travellers' Prospect On Duty with the Queen.One Blood One Up: A Woman in Action with the SAS Open Skies, Closed MInds Operation Damocles Operation Lightning Strike Operation M25: The First ‘Dambusters’ and the Race to Save Britain Operation Thunder Child Orca Rising Our Vinnie: Book 1 The Canterbury Warriors Trilogy Pacific Fury Pandemic 1918 Parliament Ltd:: A journey to the dark heart of British politics Patriot Traitors Paved with Gold Perfect Money Saving Persia in the Great Game: Sir Percy Sykes Pillaged How billions are being looted from our savings and pensions Pirate Pirate Hunter Playing the Game?Happy Valley: The Story of the English in Kenya Haunted Haunted Have You Been Good?

Loves and Lies of Russia’s Most Seductive Spy A Village Called Sin A Want of Honour: The Short Life and Tragic Death of Harriet Shelley A Year in Suburbia Aardman: An Epic Journey: Taken One Frame at a Time Able Seacat Simon: The Wartime Hero of the High Seas About Writing And How to Publish Above Top Secret AD 500 Adam Smith Aerial Warfare: The Battle for the Skies Aftermath Agincourt Aissa Saved Alamein Alan Moorehead Alien Base Alien Liaison Alien Update All Fired Up: Tales of a Country Fireman All My Colours Ambassadors of Goodwill: On tour with the MCC 1946-71. Byron's Women Cabin Fever Café No Problem Camp X: SOE school for spies Can I Let You Go?Mr Five Per Cent: : the many lives of Calouste Gulbenkian, the world's richest man. Murder in the Family Murders of London: In the steps of the capital’s killers Music and Men: The Life and Loves of Harriet Cohen Mutiny on the Spanish Main My Dad’s A Policeman My Extra Life My Life With Leopards: Graham Cooke's Story My Mam Shirley: Tales of the Notorious Hudson Family - Canterbury Warriors Book 3 My Uncle Charlie: Book 2 The Canterbury Warriors Trilogy Naples: A Travellers Companion Napoleon and Hitler Napoleon's Family Necropolis: London and Its Dead Need to Know Nelson's Women Never in Jeans: The Lady Gaga Style Guide Never Say Die Never Surrender: Dramatic Escapes from Japanese Prison Camps Nightingales and Roses: Recipes from the Persian Kitchen.MRF: Shadow Troop Muddle Your Way Through Being a Grandparent : How to fool people into thinking you're a competent granny or gramps Muddle Your Way Through Fatherhood: How to fool people into thinking you’re a competent dad Mum's Way Mummy Told Me Not To Tell Mummy's Little Angels: A mother's agonising story of losing her sons to a murderous father Mummy's Little Helper: The heartrending true story of a young girl secretly caring for her severely disabled mother Mummy's Little Soldier:: A troubled child. No Martyr’s Cause No More Champagne: Churchill and his Money No More Dying No More Magic Bullets?: The Scottish Question in History' Indian Superfood Indian Superspices Inside Nuremberg Prison Inside the Banking Crisis Intelligence and the War Against Japan: Britain, America and the Politics of Secret Service Investment in Blood: The true cost of Britain’s disastrous Afghan Adventure Irreplaceable Ithaca Jack and Francine Jack Nicholson Jack Was Here Jail Bird : The Life and Crimes Of An Essex Bad Girl Japan’s Gestapo: Murder, Mayhem and Torture in Wartime Asia Jedburgh Justice & Kentish Fire Jerusalem's Traitor: Josephus, Masada, and the Fall of Judaea Jessie J: Who's Laughing Now John Buchan John Company: A social history of the first multi-national company, 1756-1874 July 1914: Countdown to War Junk: A Journey Through the Dark Matter of the Genome Just a Boy Jutland 1916: Twelve Hours That Decided The Great War Kate Perry: A Life of Fireworks Katherine Howard, : Tarnished Purity Katherine the Queen: The Remarkable Life of Katherine Parr Keep Off the Skyline: Written with Robert Macklin Kidon Kill the Tiger: Written with Robert Macklin Last Days of Henry VIII Last Round Lion and Dragon Liquid Legends: 1855 First Growths of Bordeaux Little Drifters Little Prisoners: A tragic story of two siblings trapped in a world of suffering and abuse Little Victim London in the footsteps of the famous London Journal: A Guided Tour and Diary of Discovery London Underground: Architecture, Design & History Londongrad: From Russia with Cash London’s Big Day Looking Through You: The Beatles Book Monthly Photo Archive Loose Ladies Losing Small Wars: British Military Failure in Iraq and Afghanistan Lost Britain Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark Lost Without My Daughter Louis XIV: The Gift of God Love & Sex Magic Lucie Aubrac: The French Resistance Heroine Who Defied the Gestapo Mail Men: The story of the Daily Mail – the Paper that Divided and Conquered Britain Mapreaders and Multitaskers: Men, Women, Nature, Nurture Marathon Marie Antoinette Married to a Bedouin Mary Tudor: The First Queen Maths on Trial Maxwell: A Portrait of Power, Written with Anthony Delano Mc Donnell: Corbyn’s left-hand man Memoir of the Bobotes Men of Confidence: The Untold Escape of American Prisoners-of-War From Hitler’s Holocaust Metternich MI6: Inside the Covert World of Her Majesty's Secret Intelligence Service MI9: The History of Escape and Evasion in Europe in the Second World War.Mihály Károly and István Bethlen: Hungary Mishenka Mission Accomplished: SOE in Italy 1943-1945 Mister Johnson: A Bruce Beresford film starring Pierce Brosnan with a screenplay by William Boyd Misunderstood: The Brian Molko Story Moll: the life and true times of Moll Flanders.