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The Foundation functions as a knowledge broker, bringing together people and knowledge to provide the most current and comprehensive research, analysis and information on Canada's transpacific relations.It promotes dialogue on economic, security, political and social issues, helping to influence public policy and foster informed decision-making in the Canadian public, private and non-governmental sectors.If the Chief Administrator is absent or incapacitated or the office of Chief Administrator is vacant, the Minister must appoint another person to act as Chief Administrator, but a person must not be so appointed for a term of more than 90 days without the approval of the Governor in Council.The person acting as Chief Administrator has all of the powers, duties and functions of the Chief Administrator conferred under this Act or any other Act of Parliament.The Directors and the Chairperson are eligible for reappointment in the same or another capacity up to three times.The Board may elect a Vice-Chairman from among its members.A person is disqualified from being appointed or re-appointed or continuing as an auditor of the corporation if that person is not independent of the corporation, any of its affiliates, or the directors or officers of the corporation or any of its affiliates.

If an auditor of a Crown Corporation is not appointed to take office on the expiration of the appointment of an incumbent auditor, the incumbent auditor continues in office until a successor is appointed.The information presented on the following pages is for reference purposes only and should not be considered or relied on as an authoritative or exhaustive source of all Governor in Council appointments or positions. The Vice-Chairperson may be appointed to serve either full-time or part-time.If a member of the Authority is unable at any time to perform the duties of office of the member by reason of absence or incapacity, the may prescribe, appoint a temporary member substitute member.Where the Chairperson serves full-time, the Chairperson has the direction and control of the business of the Authority and may exercise such powers as may be conferred on the Chairperson by by-law of the Authority.Where the Chairperson serves part-time, the Board appoints a Chief Executive Officer who has the direction and control of the business of the Authority and who may exercise such powers as may be conferred on the Chief Executive Officer by by-law of the Authority.