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08 May

According to the Puerto Rican government, only 10 percent of Puerto Rican Electric Power Authority customers (PREPA) had electricity restored as of 6 October 2017, so it is unclear who could make and distribute a poster “all over” the territory.We are also skeptical that as Puerto Ricans face an uncertain future with a scarcity of food, water, electricity, and phone service, they have the resources and energy to launch an island-wide “pendejo” poster campaign.

The owners of the resort, which was renamed Trump International Golf Club Puerto Rico after 2008, had already received significant financial assistance from the Puerto Rican government before Trump’s intervention.The above phrase doesn't make sense because it's a literal translation of the verb to be.One of the main differences between English and Spanish, and one of the most common mistakes English speakers make when learning. It is specially common when referring to babies or girls, for example.If the image was taken on the island territory, and if there are indeed “pendejo” posters all over the island, it would not be surprising if they predate both the hurricane and Trump’s visit.Snake Hawk Press, which is based out of San Antonio, Texas, has been selling the posters since at least September 2016 (and currently offers both a print and a t-shirt).