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03 Apr

If other men, however, shun his behavior as well, the intimidation factor to the perpetrator becomes much greater.

At the very least, it takes away the feeling that other men are “on his side”, or support his behavior (silence can often be misinterpreted as support).

If men openly declare no tolerance, then he will know he also loses the respect and support of his own gender if he behaves a certain way (commits the crime). Men will always pose a greater physical threat to other men than women do.

Once a perpetrator has to worry not only about his victim, but about other men as well, he is likely to think twice (at least in the case of harassment).

Not only will he feel like an outcast even among his own gender, he is aware that he will face confrontation (not necessarily just physical, but in general) with his own gender.

Grab your hat, get into your car, flee the police force and reach the Mexico frontier 42.

I wanted to say something about being a happily married man, a father of a daughter, a dating coach for women.

The bad guys – the ones who think it’s okay to routinely force themselves upon women – are sociopaths who are impervious to this type of discussion. What men don’t realize is that sexual assault DOES directly impact them. Rest assured we are equally horrified but don’t know how to express our support and create positive change.

Is it better to speak up even if you have nothing meaningful to say?

I learned that none of those things mattered because this is a human problem that shouldn’t be impacted by my relationships with women. And it forced me to think: Are my female Facebook friends taking my silence as a lack of sympathy?