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20 Apr

Heads ducking bullets was a commonplace occurrence, but rarely did the party ever stop.

Recently, I had the opportunity to go back and politic with some of the country’s top DJs and performers and document aspects of reggae culture in Costa Rica.

reggae is what provides food for a lot of artists and dancers.” It’s also a way to talk about the injustices that black Costa Ricans face, and to prove their worth in a country that has historically excluded them.

At that point only Caribbean Ticos listened to reggae and went to reggae events.

Acon proudly explains to me that almost twenty years ago he started a reggae party at the bar-restaurant on the beach where we are sitting.

The ability to play both selector and MC is a must for any DJ with clout down there.

Inside reggae night at club Bongos, San Jose, Costa Rica Reggae music and dance is for fun and entertainment, but it is also a means of survival.