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04 Aug

She and her brother, Phillip (“11 months younger to the day; my parents were on a roll”), spent most of their time shuttling between their dad’s South Dakota ranch (he’s also an Air Force base comptroller there) and their mom’s L. “She exposed me to life and let me take the best and leave the rest.” Sadly, she placed her father in the latter category. “He thought it was a nebulous, spacey way to go through life, that I had too much going for me to waste my time on such a pursuit,” says Cathy, whose ambition was sparked at 7 by seeing a show with her uncle, local musical comedy actor Tony Verdugo. “Now I feel we’ve finally put our problems behind us.” The father-daughter reunion took place last summer when Cathy returned to South Dakota frankly scared.Shortly after graduating from Rapid City Central High in 1971, Cathy fled South Dakota with 5 saved from a job as a Woolworth’s salesgirl to become an actress in L. Astonishingly, estranged husband Shaw, a more likely ally of Dad’s, “arrived like a knight on an airliner” to aid Cathy.Until recently Bach clung valiantly to her hopes for a reconciliation, and still laughs about their seriocomic 1976 wedding at L. “It embraced all religions, so I thought it would be the safest place,” she relates.“Walking down the aisle, I reached David and started getting dizzy during the ‘I do’s.’ I remembered Elliott Gould, a friend for years, telling me, ‘Marriage is the most important thing you’ll ever do except having a baby.’ I put my head on David’s shoulder and next thing I was in a heap on the floor.” She took her vows dewy-faced from water sprinkled to revive her from the fainting spell.

“This show gave me my start and I owe them.” She’s investing her money in California and Texas real estate while looking for a “South Dakota dreamland.” Trying to establish a permanent career, she saw her feature film debut stalled recently when a threatened writers’ strike sped up the Dukes shooting schedule.

She denies talk of a romance with playboy neighbor Nels Van Patten—”I haven’t even taken a tennis lesson from him”—but she has been seen lately with Tyler Hesse, a Seattle contractor she met at a Dukes auto show appearance.

Meanwhile she has traded up to a San Fernando Valley home with pool, Jacuzzi whirlpool bath, garages for her Jeep and black Mercedes 450 SL, and dining room cum office for assistant John Couch.

Aside from her typical 13-hour workdays on the set, she often labors two weekends a month making promotional appearances.

Believably, she sighs, “I don’t have a tremendous social life.” Last month, after five years of marriage and a separation of nearly two years, she and husband David Shaw, 37, filed mutually for divorce.