Android news widget not updating

23 Feb

So we need to run a new thread for the bluetooth data receiving to take place on, as well as a handler to update the UI when relevant data has been received. Toast; public class Main Activity extends Activity One small thing to add. If we did we would most likely get an ‘Application Not Responding’ message.But now there’s a new section on the left — called “Feed” — dedicated just to news that Google thinks you’ll be interested in based on your search history (and, presumably, whatever else it knows about you).It’s rolling out, starting today, in the Google App on Android in the US, but other regions and i OS will come eventually.This is, after all, mainly an interface tweak for features that have already been there.But now they’re organized, collated, and presented in a coherent package.

Google has already been presenting news cards in the Google app for some time now.

First of all is the fact that we cannot simply wait for a bluetooth message to come along on the main thread of our activity.

We are making an activity that will allow us to turn on/off an LED on the Arduino as well as receive data via bluetooth. As we are sending and receiving data this time through Bluetooth rather than just sending there are a few more things to take care of.

It’ll be yet another place to find news, only this time based on a media bubble you’re more directly involved in constructing.

To get things moving along quickly I am going to use the same activity that I used in the last blog to find my paired devices. Only one thing will change and that is the activity name. I put this in while debugging but thought it was useful.