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18 May

There are plenty of ways to live stream the action for free online – commercials and Lady Gaga’s half-time show, too!

His catch included the biggest fish in the lake Tomo at 40lb 2oz, which is Scott’s fourth day ticket forty since June, plus Cluster at 38lb 12oz and a new thirty which Scott got to Christen, and called it Bungle!

It won’t be difficult for cord-cutters to catch the big game if they have a digital antenna – and honestly, that’s probably the best way to watch any major live event if you don’t have cable.

"Harvey Weinstein, by the way, is not the only one who has used confidentiality settlements.

Fans of East Enders were still reeling from losing Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell when a bus crash devastated the Square this week.

The feisty sisters were killed off on New Year’s Day, and nobody was hit harder than Scott Maslen, who plays Ronnie’s husband Jack Branning.