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19 Feb

Dissertation Title: A Defence of Workplace Democracy 2000 – 2004 Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics (Major) and Philosophy (Minor), Mc Gill University. Peer Reviewed Books 2017 A Care Manifesto: Part-Time For All, with Jennifer Nedelsky (University of Toronto) (Contract signed with Oxford University Press: New York) 2014 After Occupy: Economic Democracy for the 21 Century, Oxford University Press: New York. Peer Reviewed Articles 2017 Interdependency: The Fourth Existential Insult to Humanity. 2016 Offending the One Percent: Seven Arguments Against Distributive Desert. The Toronto G20 and the Challenges of Summit Protest (pp. Everything looked so magical and we couldn’t get over how beautiful the flowers were. Thank you for making our wedding such a memorable event for us!

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So if you see me near you give me a LONG call on a near repeater so the scanning has time to find and stop or send me a APRS message.

New Political Science: A Journal of Politics and Culture, Vol 38, No 2.

2015 A Community-Based Good Life or Eco-Apartheid, Radical Philosophy Review. Building a Protest Convergence: The Toronto Community Mobilization Network.

You are amazing to work with and do incredible work.

Mary's career as a marketing and communication professional has been in companies undergoing significant evolution, change and growth.