Dating colleagues company policy

24 Feb

There are also questions about how enforceable it would actually be.

At what stage should you declare it – on the first date, or after your engagement party?

5) We were caught in a compromising position in the server room. While you are entitled to a private life at work, this does have limits, and an employer has a right to expect some standards of behaviour when you’re on company time and on the premises.

An employer could well view this as gross misconduct, and a reason to dismiss you immediately.

If it came down to it, what would you do – go with being happy, but being discreet, marching up to HR to make your announcement known, or avoiding an office romance at all costs?

Also, it naturally becomes extremely difficult for the supervisor to retain his/her objectivity in evaluating the job performance of the employee with whom he/she is romantically involved.

Another serious worry for the company is potential liability to the company should the romantic relationship reach an unhappy end.

Companies can, and do, develop HR policies which specify rules for relationships at work.

But there is a difference from requiring staff couples to behave in a professional manner whilst at work, and banning relationships altogether.