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Sir, many of us, here present, have been schoolmates of your own; we have sat on the same forms, studied the same lessons, been ruled by the same discipline, engaged in the same mischief with yourself; and when my mind reverts to these good old days now it fills me with deep sorrow to think that another of those, with whom we used to associate in our boyhood's days, is about to remove from the neighbourhood --- to seek his fortunes in another and distant land. Knowles, and I can assure you that remnant feels keenly each additional vacancy.So many have already migrated that we have but a remnant left of those who at one time received instruction in this section from Mr. We could always feel, sir, in grasping your hand and looking into your kindly face that we were holding intercourse with an honest manly man; and he, without making any ostentatious show, was found to be the right man in the right place, ever ready to extend a helping hand, not a neighbour merely in name but also in deed.They expect to winter at Wood Mountain, 400 miles west of where they are at present, and they are desirous of moving soon, as it is becoming very cold - the ice on their water barrels having already been so thick as to require the pounding of a mallet or some other heavy instrument to break it.In return for some trinkets presented to them by Mr.

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We are again called upon to chronicle the life of one of the old pioneers of Puslinch, in the person of Mrs. Ellis, for the confidence he placed in them to keep this property for the use of the public; second, to those who entrusted them to keep it for their place of burial, for we have courts of equity, as well as courts of law, and if the law of the church on real estate is not in accordance with the law of the land, it will not stand: but if these trustees or their successors, legally appointed, did not sign this property away, then no person had any right to draw a nail or do anything to destroy or decrease the value or the appearance of this property, and is open for an action against them for so doing.Born here, and passing my entire life among, and at all times receiving a degree of consideration and kindness from you that I could not feel that I fully deserved, you can judge my feelings on now bidding farewell to you, and the surroundings with which I have been associated from my earliest childhood, and which are held sacred by a deep affection that has grown with my growth and increased with my strength. Ellis, deeded to us and our ancestors in trust for that purpose, we will go and help you to bury your dead in it.I now take this opportunity of saying to you that I am truly sorry that circumstances have made it advisable for me to remove from your midst, and that no matter where I may be placed my thoughts will often return to you, the friends of my youth and there will be a warm place in my heart and a warm seat by my fireside to welcome any of you that it may be my good fortune to meet in my new home. And it becomes a public burying ground, and everything put on that ground helps to increase its value and appearance, let it be buildings or furnishings, and no subscriber has any claim on account on what he has given.9, in the Second Concession of Township of Puslinch and which said parcel and tract of land is butted and bounded as may be otherwise known as follows that is to say - COMMENCING at the northeast angle of said Lot; THENCE North 77 East 8 rods; THEN South 16 28' E 17 rods; THEN South 70 West 8 rods; THEN North 16 28' W 17 rods to place of beginning.To have and to hold the said above granted premises, with all the privileges and appurtenances thereof to the said parties of the Third Part, their successors and assigns to them and their own use forever to, for and upon the trusts, uses and conditions and purposes of the said indenture mentioned and by the same indenture it is witnessed that the said Mary Ellis, the wife of the said party of the First part of the second part, for and in consideration of Five Shillings to her in hand paid by the said parties of the Third part, both remised, released and forever relinquished her dower in the said premises unto them the said parties of the third part, their successors and assigns, which indenture is witnessed by Samuel C.