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03 Sep

And in some cases, it can take years before people realize who they are really married to.

But, as you know all too well, eventually, living with a compulsive liar becomes unbearable.

I still wish to save our marriage, but how can I move past this?

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SEE MORE: Miss Teen USA Is Ditching The Swimsuit Competition According to CNN, a racial slur appeared in several tweets from what is believed to be Hay's personal account.The tweets, which are from 20, are no longer visible on the account because it has been set to private.However, screen shots of the posts are still floating around.As a captain of the school's soccer team, she's also preparing for the start of the season Friday.Now, she'll be representing her state since the Miss Universe Organization named her to replace Melissa King, who resigned her crown Tuesday after facing questions about an online sex video claiming to star her.