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30 Mar

Raise Post Back Event(String event Argument) 140 System. Raise Post Back Event(IPost Back Event Handler source Control, String event Argument) 29 System. I’ve been running into many problems when trying to upload photos to Facebook.I usually select a large number to upload at once and then the browser starts to do its thing. I did a Google and found quite a few other people with the same problem but there didn’t seem to be any silver bullet to solving the problem.Fortunately, it made no difference 🙂 I then made sure I had the latest Java toolkit and Java console. In Internet Explorer, I checked the Active X controls I’ve downloaded and found that my PC actually had 3 different Facebook uploaders but was only using one. I reduced the number down to 6, then down to 1 – and it still failed. It turns out that the Facebook photo uploader was having problems with one particular photo of mine.Just to be sure, I deleted all of them and went back to the Facebook site again to reinstall it. I managed to get up to 18 photos to upload at once with no problems. I could upload my holiday photos in batches of 18, although I still have problems trying to make out the photos in the thumbnail view. Don’t know why – it was the same dimensions and roughly the same size as the others.I found I had an hour or two on the weekend to investigate it further and eventually was able to upload the latest photos from our Italy trip.First I looked at the Java console log and found this error message: Starting upload 2/08/2008 org.apache.commons.httpclient.

Upload Exception occured I Googled these errors and didn’t find much but did find a Facebook discussion where others had the same problem.It seemed that the uploader would try to upload the photos, then get near the end, wait for a response from the Facebook server, and then decide to try uploading all the photos again.Just to rule the browser out of things, I tried switching from Firefox to Internet Explorer. Set Ghosted File(String setup Path, Byte setup Path Version, Int32 i Version, Guid& pguid List Id, Guid& pguid Doc Id, Int32 l Doclib Row Id, Int32 i Author Id, String author Login, String server Relative Url, String target Url Web Relative, Boolean is In Doc Lib, Boolean is Migration, Boolean is Publishing, Object var Properties) 268 Microsoft. Handle Com Exception(COMException com Ex) 27713762 Microsoft.