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14 Apr

Mail Online has contacted a rep for David for comment.

Killing it: In another clip he appears to film from behind the handlebars of the vehicle, lowering the camera so as to capture his buddy slightly ahead of him, the road ahead and the entrance to a mountain tunnel As the group zoomed around the roads in the sunlight, David seemed to not want to stop his road trip travelogue, seemingly continuing to take snaps and videos mid-drive.

Fans were quick to add comments to his posts to the tune of 'Becks, watch the road please!

' Earlier this week, David was seen in an altogether different mode of transport while driving around LA.

David is a fan of life on the open road - in the summer he spent time with a friend on a motorbiking camping excursion, again in the states, documenting a tranquil trip which featured dips in the lakes and sleeping under the stars.

He caught the attention of fans then too, as he uploaded some similar selfies while out on the roads.