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13 Mar

Learn why you should consider Wicket for your next web application.With support of over 25 languages out-of-the-box, Wicket let's you get started in your own language, or a second language with no effort.Illustrated below: For the purpose of this example and for simplicity, I would be showing two drop down boxes. Ajax Form Component Updating Behavior; import org.apache. The first drop down box shows a category that can be any of . Imagine a drop down choice of countries where the user chooses a country first then chooses a State afterwards. We all can agree that the list of states shown to the user at any point in time would of course be dependent on the current country selected.

This release fixes the remaining issues for Wicket 1.2.This blog entry is going to be about showing how to implement a dropdown choice in Apache Wicket, which is currently my favourite java web framework. Admittedly, this is a fairly simple example especially to the experienced wicket users.Specifically, I would be showing off an example of a web page with two drop down choices, where the selection in the first drop down choice determines the available options in the other drop down choice. But then it is still my first open contribution to the building documentations available in the wicket community.Dropdown choice is also known as combo box in some quarters. Lastly, I should mention that the above code uses wicket 1.4.10.Before I delve into code, I would like to give a good example of a popular use-case for the above. wicket 1.5 is the latest stable version(s) of wicket and we are all advised to migrate. B: I used twitter bootstrap in laying out the form.