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07 May

Good news for the man they call Clipboard Jesus ...NFL quarterback Charlie Whitehurst just scored himself a HUGE celebrity girlfriend ... The Indianapolis Colts QB -- and former Clemson star -- hit up the national championship game Monday night with the singer by his side ...Check out how many incredible models have posed for Benchwarmer by visiting their site, and learn where you can pick up the cards.

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FYI, Ohai is a 24-year-old forward on the Houston Dash.

None of this is possible without you guys, so thank you very much. A post shared by Doug Censor Martin (@faze_censor) on That’s Doug Censor Martin, also known as Faze Censor.

He’s a professional Call of Duty player, gym fan, and the current beau for our meteorological temptress. He apparently doesn’t speak much Spanish and she’s not fond of English.

Yanet Garcia has washed across the Internet with a lot of heat and attention earlier this month, forcing the Internet to fall over itself with love and adoration in one of the most popular subreddits you’ll find.

But it would seem that someone has her heart, a person from the oddest of professions: professional gaming.