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04 Aug

However, it was proven to be a false claim by the authorities.

In regard to all of his children, so far Slim has only confirmed it to be his children after going through a thorough DNA test.

It has been rumored that when he held his baby in his arms for the first time, that moment for Slim was without a doubt the happiest moment in his life.

Slim on an official note has three children all from different mothers.

However it has been rumored that Slim has other children too but whom have not yet claimed their rights.

Slim, at one point even claimed that he only birth’s sons and not daughters.

Slim has been dating Alicia for quite a while now and they seem to be a happy couple.

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The most audacious case was when he was accused of fathering an eleven years old girl a few years back.He has always been reluctant to make any announcement and it was rumored that even with his youngest child Derux he waited for the DNA results.Some of Slim’s most popular songs are Slim is a very popular rapper on social media and is known to have over 1.3 million followers in total.It has been suggested that for Slim, the most important person in his life is his sin Derux Mason, who was conceived through his ex-girlfriend.Slim immediately shared pictures of the new born from the hospital to share the news with fans and family.