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28 May

Elemental analysis and the measurement of the ratio of their isotopes are well established techniques in geochemistry, extensively used for geological dating and for “fingerprinting” rocks, minerals and ceramics.

The so-called Rare Earth Elements (REE’s) are widely used as diagnostic indicators, requiring accurate measurements at extremely low concentrations.

The ICP-MS with maximum flexibility With the SPECTRO MS ICP MS, storage of the data for the complete mass spectrum enables unprecedented flexibility regarding method development and makes it possible to later determine elements in a sample even when the sample no longer exists.

It is the only ICP MS instrument available on the market today that is capable of simultaneously measuring the complete mass range used for inorganic mass spectrometry from 6Li to 238U with a permanent ion beam going to the detector.Mass spectrometry has become a popular and widely used technique in the pharmaceutical industry for the analysis and identification of organic compounds.The same basic principle can also be applied to elemental analysis, and ICP-MS, in which a mass spectrometer is coupled with inductively coupled plasma as the ion source, is one of the most sensitive techniques available for the detection and quantification of metallic impurities and other inorganic substances in pharmaceutical products.Because only one mass/ charge ratio is measured at a time, any fluctuations due to the sample introduction process, the plasma, or the detection system can introduce errors in the observed isotope ratios.Furthermore it may be desirable to measure a range of elements to establish an elemental “fingerprint” of the sample and to allow evaluation of various calculation strategies using different isotope combinations.