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08 Mar

Andrés Gonzales, who is spending time with his coworker and girlfriend Milena, feels the opposite.

He tells me that being affectionate with a girlfriend around friends is a sign of respect. But when a relationships is placed so out in the open, situations prone to create jealousy are more frequent.

More impressively, program manager Alberto Rivera says the station pioneered one of the most sugary-sweet radio programs to ever hit airwaves.

The concept of “La Hora de los Novios” (“Lovers’ Hour”) follows a simple formula.

“That time you are dedicating just to your other half.” Others I talk to agree.

Two cozy chairs and a large sofa with cartoonish throw pillows decorate the room where Ocampo discusses relationship woes.

She explains to me how Costa Rica’s dating culture has transformed into a masquerade.

•What women want most in a relationship: fidelity, financial stability and a responsible partner. •Also, 30 percent of Costa Ricans would rather cohabitate than marry, which is not far off from the 39 percent of U. citizens who do not want to marry, according to the Pew Research Center.

•What men want: fidelity, financial stability and, ho-hum, someone attractive. •Homosexual rights remain limited in Costa Rica, and gay marriage is outlawed.