Trouble updating ipod touch to ios 5

02 Apr

The report also wrote that "The recent i OS 5.0.1 update certainly hasn't fixed the matter, either", and questioned whether the events were unrelated or part of a larger issue.

Some users of the i Phone 4S reported the random appearance of echoes during phone calls made with earphones in the initial release of i OS 5.

If you’ve got an ancient i Pod touch or i Phone and want to extend its life just a little bit longer, give Whited00r a try.

i OS 5 is the fifth major release of the i OS mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc., being the successor to i OS 4.

You just download the IPSW firmware and install it through i Tunes, just like a regular software update. Once your device has been restored using White D00r 5.1, you’ll have most of i OS 5’s best features, including multitasking, reminders, a rough approximation of i Cloud that uses Dropbox as a core, folders, Newsstand, and even custom wallpapers. Notification Center doesn’t come along with the package, and you also lose out on the App Store (although you can still buy, download and install apps through i Tunes).

Different people look for different things in a mobile operating system.In contrast to SMS, messages sent through i Message use the Internet rather than regular cellular texting, but also in contrast to regular SMS, Android and Black Berry devices are not compatible with the service.Newsstand does not act as a native app, but rather a special folder.i OS devices require at least 550MB of free space available to install the small software update.Be sure to back up the i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch before attempting to install i OS 8.4.1, this insures you won’t lose data in the odd event something goes wrong with the update process.