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25 Jul

“Whether they have a fair day in court comes down to who these lower-court judges are.” While the average age of current US district court and circuit judges at the time of their appointment has been about 50 years old, according to a 2017 congressional report, Trump’s nominees for these lifetime appointments skew slightly younger.

“We’re going to have great judges, conservative, all picked by the Federalist Society,” Trump promised during a June 2016 interview on Breitbart News radio.

Mr Branson said he had instructed Virgin Trains to re-stock the newspaper “while they undertake a full review of their sales policy, making clear that this policy should not single out individual media titles”.

Trump’s nominees are, so far, roughly 90 percent white and 80 percent male.

“You’re going radically backward, even further back than George W.

on Virgin Trains, a move he acknowledged had “been seen as censorship”.

The billionaire businessman said he had listened to concerns about an announcement last week that the operator would no longer sell the newspaper on its services.