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12 Aug

Speaking from experience, I definitely smell better than testicles I’ve still ended up interested in. I imbued it with leather because I wear leather jackets all the time, and their collars are naturally always mixed in Tom Ford perfumes. I got it sweaty and took it off to drown in the vetiver incense of the room. And then my 10 potential matches came, in little dime bags with sharpied numbers. [I did match with them.] 90 smelled liked someone actually lived in it, and weren’t afraid, like I was. (Sex smell would have been totally fine, too.) The next two smell very similar to me — workout sweat of salt and musk.When I sent it back to be matched, I sighed because it didn’t smell like anything in particular to me, because I am so used to those smells in the room. And so, freshly showered and away from the smells of my kitchen, my cat, or my wardrobe, I stuffed my face in the smell of strangers shirts, and took notes on each one. I smothered my face in it and imagined where all that life came from. Did they attend the same soul cycle class or something? The other three smelled variously of comforting cotton, grass…. I wasn’t as fascinated with them as the other, but I didn’t dislike them, so I was open to learning is already more fruitful than my experience with Tinder or Bumble.Do I consider this service my foolproof ticket to wifedom? But it’s already proven to be so much more interesting than other cruising mediums I’ve tried. That an invisible weapon can also be a courteous gesture.

The idea of wearing such a ridiculous shirt outrages Elaine who tells Jerry that "you're supposed to be a compassionate person that cares about poor people!

You look like you're gonna swing in on a chandelier!

" At a restaurant with his parents, George accidentally bumps into a woman, who turns out to a modeling agent.

And, more seriously: that isn’t the kind of person I’m attracted to anyway.

My first crush smelled unfortunately of mildew but I couldn’t keep my hands off him, so who am I to put reason over attraction?