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09 Jun

Pat, from Hartley Wintney in Hampshire, is understandably angry. It’s unforgivable.‘Neil has been robbed of his future. He paid the ultimate price for another family’s complacency.’Waddell, who lives near Bridgend, South Wales, admitted causing death by careless driving and received a nine-month suspended sentence.

He’d started a new job, working in accounts, two weeks before the accident. But Pat, who is retired from working in hotel hospitality and is divorced from Neil’s father Leslie, believes there should be far stricter rules for older drivers when it is time for them to renew their licence.

He had no sight in one eye and was below the legal limit in the other.

The consultant didn’t tell Waddell not to drive because he simply didn’t believe it was possible for Waddell to be driving. His family knew that, too, and they didn’t do anything about it.

‘We encourage older people to undertake voluntary driving appraisals, have regular eyesight tests and medicals with their GP.

But analysis of 2,000 accidents has proved that when older drivers are in a crash, they’re more likely to be partly or fully to blame.He hit Mary Hambrook, 67, who died from her injuries.Despite these tragedies, though, research shows older drivers are among the safest.But while the UK has one of the more relaxed licence renewal systems in Europe, it also has one of the lowest fatality rates for older drivers.Dr Charles Musselwhite, Associate Professor in Gerontology at Swansea University, says: ‘The evidence from countries that have stricter tests — whether that is cognitive tests, medical tests or on-road driving tests — show no difference in older driver collision rates compared to countries that have more relaxed licensing.‘Denmark introduced age-based cognitive screening for over-70s but has since withdrawn it as they found no change in collision rate, but an increase in deaths and serious injuries in pedestrians over 70, as they got out of their cars and walked more.‘There is a little evidence that a more stringent eyesight test makes a slight difference to collision rates, either because it enables older drivers to get their vision corrected, or because it means some older people with really bad eyesight have their licence revoked.’Sergeant Rob Heard was the senior investigating officer in Neil Colquhoun’s accident and set up the Older Drivers Forum to reduce the number of accidents among this age group.‘Our aim is to help people to carry on driving safer for longer, but also give them advice as to when it is time to retire from driving,’ he says.