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07 Aug

So you are looking to make use the Social Security System (SSS) online inquiry system.

As a member of the SSS, you have but 2 choices to make that.

We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve came across with the comments of various people asking what is their Pag Ibig Number. We regret to inform you that and we’re really sorry.

Due to the need of every Pag Ibig Member to know what is their respective Pag Ibig Number, they even leave their RTN Numbers together with their personal information in the comments, hoping that we will reply with their Pag Ibig Numbers.

Going back to the tutorial, the previous action you’ve made will direct you to the Pag Ibig MID Number Registration page.

Select Register via Internet and click the image to open the Log In Page.

secid=109&cat=2&pg=null Please, after registration, be sure that you list down your member username ID and password and keep it.This is the number sent to you via SMS by the official Pag Ibig Website.Visit the official website of Pag Ibig, click Membership Programs under Benefits and Programs in the menu bar. On a side note, if you’re not done yet with the Pag Ibig Online Registration and don’t have RTN Number then don’t continue reading this tutorial.t’s been almost 18 months now since we published our tutorial on How to Register For Pag Ibig Number.That tutorial brought thousands of readers and left 1,400 comments on that blog post as of this writing.