Sex albanija

24 Apr

He spends his free time with his friends at the bar where he works.Antonin was ninth to be evicted from the Big Brother Albania 2 house.Feeling like a young girl in a big world, 70,000 euros and a new experience are reasons why she chose to compete in Big Brother Albania.Aida was tenth to be evicted from the Big Brother Albania 2 house.Anjeza is a 20-year-old law student from Tirana, Albania. Anjeza's family is made up of her mother and sister while her hobbies are music, dance, cinema and karaoke.A simple girl and very communicative, Anjeza has many tattoos and likes to have fun.Arjan Konomi, a magazine editor, and Virusi, a composer and songwriter from Kosovo, had permanent positions in this panel, while different singers, psychologists and relevant art figures were sometimes invited to give their insight.Adelajda Xhamani is a 23-year-old teacher from Kavaj√ę, Albania.

He has a diploma in business management and his two greatest passions are soccer and Che Guevara.Her life has never lacked special people, and she has never been afraid to love even if it caused her pain.For her, independence does not mean living by herself but living free.She teaches Language & Literature, with literature being her greatest passion.She lives with her family which didn't approve of her applying for Big Brother.