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03 Apr

The frost warnings moved to 7 pm until the late 1970s when they were removed from the schedule.KFI put the first FM station on the air, west of the Mississippi, in August 1941 from Mount Lee. This was what soon became KHJ-FM and is today's KRTH at 101.1 MHz.It was on 44.5 MHz initially but, when the old 42-50 megahertz band was needed for television, the FCC allocated 88-108 MHz as the FM band.

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Through 19, KFI-FM broadcast its own music programs, separate from KFI (AM).Anthony sold KECA in 1944 and it moved to 790 k Hz and became KABC.KFI helped to keep the calm during the dark days of World War II by airing President Franklin D.The bullet hole is still there to this day, preserved as a monument to KFI's wartime service.KFI's call letters were assigned sequentially but many people assumed that the "FI" stood for "Farmers Information." Every winter evening between 19, KFI would deliver a frost report at 8 pm that would tell citrus farmers whether to turn on wind machines or light "smudge pots" to keep their orange and lemon groves from freezing.