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09 Feb

Step inside our historic buildings and hear the stories of the people who moved here, built our towns and homesteaded the prairies of North Dakota.

Other early buildings include a Post Office, bank, barber shop, mine camp, farm museum, the Gellner Home (Germans from Russia), claim shack, Northern Pacific caboose and the Swedish Engstrom home (currently under restoration).Community safety is top priority, but every effort is made to work with offenders in the community when appropriate.Parole and Probation Officers embrace the Transition for Prison to Community (TPC) initiative and work closely with staff in all correctional facilities to make a seamless transition for the offenders from the institutions to the community.Parole and Probation Services is also responsible to complete Pre-Sentence Investigations as ordered by the state district courts.The purpose of these investigations is to provide as much information to the courts as possible to allow for appropriate sentences for the offender.