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13 Sep

Someone — or a group — in the church reached out to them, and their lives were radically changed. I had dreamed and planned my whole life to play professional golf, from the age of six until I was recruited by a nationally ranked college to play varsity golf. A tendon problem in my left hand snatched my budding career right out from under me. I had always been a “don’t ever give up” kind of person, especially in sports.

I was beginning to compete on higher and higher levels and doing quite well. I could no longer even hold onto a golf club, and there was no cure. The path that I had diligently worked towards for fifteen years, day and night, had hit a dead end. I thought I could lick this problem in the same way, through sheer hard work and willpower.

God designed the church to be our second family, and often we take into the church the same longing for security and love that we take into our families of origin.

We think that the Bible promises a church where we find only safe people.

But the Bible says that the church is full of wolves as well as sheep.

Open Topography harnesses cyberinfrastructure developed at the San Diego Supercomputer Center to allow users to access and process Lidar point cloud data on the fly for an area of interest.

The goal of the system is to provide a web-based toolset that can democratize access to massive and potentially computationally challenging community lidar topography datasets.