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27 Mar

He didn’t even noticed her naked body moving from the living room as she walked back to the bathroom. Michelle had proven to be quite the sex machine in the bedroom.The faucet to the sink could be heard running, as she was obviously washing the cum from her chest. ” He was sitting naked on the couch, not even bothered by the slimy string of cum that was visible down on the floor below. Lucy had an remarkable drive, but Michelle was pushing him to his limits.Once he was seated on the couch, Michelle situated herself right between his legs and was gazing into his face with her big blue eyes while she tucked her gigantic breasts over his long cock. Mmmmmmm, pump that big disco stick between ’em, ohhhhh yeah! ” Not once did Michelle break eye contact, still gazing up into his brown hues as she pumped her large tits up and down over his large fat cock. Michelle’s skills with using her breasts as weapons were on par with Lucy, but he would never compare them in the back of his mind. Once his cock was drained, she finally let go of her tits and wrapped the fingers of her right hand around it. ” Giving his rod a final kiss, Michelle got up from her knees while Luke remained laying there catching his breath.

What had began as a small affair had quickly morphed into full passionate lust. Pedals of red roses had fallen from the blue blankets of the bed, creating a mess on the floor below. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com ****************** London, England Bed sheets rustled while the frame rattled up against the wall. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.A smacking sound was echoing through out the room, all along with the solid rhythm of the bed shaking and the chorus of their moans.