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This was also supplied with syringes and instructions on how to inject it into the stomach.The website,, has since been shut down. Food & Drug Administration to take action against companies selling and distributing the product. computing editor Sarah Kidner said: 'It's easy to forget that Botox is actually a poison, which if injected in the wrong area could produce some shocking results.Just things like fly ash that are very cheap waste products. Dirt and chimney sweepings, mixed with some lye; and presto! (though not ammonia and bleach together as that releases chlorine gas). The hardened material has an amorphous 3-dimensional structure similar to that of an aluminosilicate glass.

So now I’m pretty darned sure that some kitty litter with a 5-10% diatomaceous earth and 5-10% “garden lime” when mixed with some added drain cleaner or hydrated lime has a pretty good chance of turning into something about like cement. No lab grade kaolin for these guys, and no fancy additives. Here’s a nice p H scale with some common things on it: From: implication here being that for some class of geopolymerizing reactions, things like ammonia water might even be enough, or oven cleaner, or bleach. The Geopolymerization Process Geopolymers Geopolymers are a class of inorganic polymer formed by the reaction between an alkaline solution and an aluminosilicate source or feedstock.

But now it says the discovery of DIY injection kits on an internet auction site means the situation is even more serious than it feared.

A simple search of e Bay revealed a seller shipping Botox kits from the U. The pack contained needles, saline to mix with the Botox powder - made from the toxic botulinum bacteria - and a facial map showing where to inject the drug. Computing magazine said it is dangerous to carry out such a procedure without medical expertise.

That’s when I found most of the stuff I’m going to link here. Not quite the Kaolinite most of the research papers talked about, but still, it ought to work OK. So the basic “recipe” is an alkali of some sort as a catalyst, some clay with Aluminum and Silicate in it (and I hypothesize that most any other metal ions ought to be OK too, so clay with Fe or Mg content ought to work.

After pondering how many specialty shops and what kind of flags would go up trying to order lye on the internet… Pondering a bit more, I started looking for more papers. First off, I picked up an (expensive) bag of Diatomaceous Earth. Then I stumbled on an article complaining about clumping cat litter and how it was Bentonite Clay.