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21 Sep

Later in the same essay, she writes, “I hoped that women reporters who saw the document might use it as a tip sheet and take it upon themselves to do the reporting that the document couldn’t do and find evidence, if there was any, of the allegations made there.” In other words, she did want it to have consequences, and generate its own enforcement mechanism — one that would be more rigorous and careful about discerning the truth than the list was.

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You are also welcome to browse our other ten million posts, but you must register before you can post anywhere except the Open Forums.The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency said it has also suspended all internal drills until the investigation is completed.In addition, it has put in place a “two-person activation/verification rule” for tests and actual missile launch notifications.On Saturday, Ripoza said, the employee was asked in the computer program to confirm that he wanted to send the message. It was a mistake on his part and he feels terrible about it,” explained Hawaii EMA administrator Vern Miyagi, a former Army major general.In the future, a second person will be required for confirmation. But Miyagi declined to say that the staffer would face any disciplinary actions.