Logan neitzel and carol hannah dating

19 Sep

By the time the new designers were toasting Tim and Heidi on the rooftop, I felt very weird! Most don’t realize that about three-days worth of footage goes into just 44 short minutes of this first episode.

It’s like those strange dreams that incorporate part of your real life with things that definitely wouldn’t normally be there — like 16 new and completely different designers. It’s hard to describe how odd those first few days are.

Logan, the last man to choose, is stuck with Hollywood. One shopping trip to Mood later, the guys and gals get to work.

for what the judges found to be a subpar companion piece to one of his best designs.

) In the end, Emilio, Seth, and Ping were at the top and Jesus and Anthony were at the bottom, while Christiane got the boot for her rather messy dress that looked like Qristyl‘s first dress from season 6.

Emilio’s winning dress had a detailed, appliqu d bodice and flouncy skirt.

This first challenge was very appropriate: make something that represents your point of view from your choice of slightly random fabrics.

It’s always fun to see how different designers put their spin on a specific challenge, but this was a very fair way to see what the new designers have to offer.

They started with a mad dash for fabric, then got to work.

Seth had a clear point of view, though it wasn’t one of my favorites, and Ping‘s look was both interesting and original. Personally, I would have put Maya in the top three for her simple-yet-dramatic dress.

"Dirty pretty" is how Neitzel describes his spring 2011 collection. The heartthrob of season six still fights rumors of a romance with designer Carol Hannah Whitfield (the two share a studio in NYC). Now the German-born runner-up (to winner Jeffrey Sebelia) works as a freelance stylist while furthering her design portfolio to include jewelry, resortwear, and one-of-a-kind dresses sold at such high-end boutiques as Oxygen in Bal Harbour and Next in Palm Beach, as well as online at