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13 Jul

The tradition of spicing rum goes back through the ages and was mainly done to hide the rums poor quality and improve upon its flavour.

To pay homage to British colonial rums and the traditional copper pot still, we have infused a high quality rum with English and Australian ingredients as well as copper penny.

The incredible views of the Yarra River and the Melbourne city skyline, a bronze sculpture by Australian artist David Bromley that guides one's gaze into the kitchen and the opportunity to observe our chefs at work, all make the Private Dining Room a truly unique experience.

For a behind the scenes dining experience the Chef's Table offers an intimate insight into the energy and activity of the kitchen.

Riberry or the lilly pilly was one of the first edible plants to be noted during Captain Cook’s visit to Australia in 1770 and compliments this aromatic drink perfectly.

The origin of the billy pot is linked to the large cans used for transporting bully beef on ships bound for Australia and during the exploration of the outback.

In collaboration with Tony Conigliaro, The Bar offers a unique collection of cocktails, each with its own historical reference.Punch has featured on the dining tables of aristocrats and the bourgeoisie for centuries.It is thought that the idea of adding milk stems from the English "syllabub" a drink of milk & spices, curdled with wine.If that wasn't enough, begin your journey through the ever-changing and diverse wine by the glass offerings; the Coravin selections will give you the opportunity to explore wines from all corners of the world from many points in history.Ultimately, there is certainly a danger of losing yourself in this extensive, exciting and alluring wine list.