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05 Aug

It's not just reporters annoying Rihanna with references to a late night with Ashton Kutcher -- it's also her own mom!

The sexy singer stunned in fuchsia on the red carpet at Time's 100 Most Influential People In the World gala on Tuesday night, an event she attended with her mother Monica Fenty and grandfather Lionel .

At least this is what the National Enquirer would like us to believe. This is a Hollywood relationship we are talking about here.

The popular tabloid is reporting that Mila Kunis was “flipping out” with jealousy over her .” Blank stare. Both Mila and Ashton are well versed and assimilated into Hollywood culture, and Hollywood just doesn’t work like this.

Rihanna plays Officer Cora Raikes in the 1-million action movie which pits the US Navy in a battle against alien invaders and also stars Liam Neeson and Brooklyn Decker (pictured).

So apparently Mila Kunis is turning into a real wicked witch when it comes to her boyfriend Ashton Kutcher. Even if they did get this tip from a source they deemed somewhat credible, this story just does not ring true.

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The "We Found Love” singer was in a car with two security guards when she arrived at Kutcher's abode around midnight, and according to Radar Online, disappeared inside for four hours before ducking back out around 4 a.m.Rihanna tells us what sort of man she wants in her life, Lauren Goodger says Mark Wright’s flirting won’t last in I’m a Celebrity…and Roberto Mancini keeps his lips sealed about a possible Carlos Tevez deal: 7 days, 7 quotes.The reason behind Ri Ri’s after-hours house call remains unknown, but the surprising pairing has set the gossip mill ablaze.Both tabloid targets have been dealing with their respective relationship issues in past months.