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07 Jun

This backpack features zippered pockets on each side in addition to internal and external hood pockets.

You'll be able to keep a water bladder cool in the padded pocket inside of the main compartment. We love that this pack also features a safety yellow rainfly that stays hidden until you need it.

We couldn't find one person that complained about the quality.

If for some reason you do happen to rip your bag, Teton will send you a new one thanks to their Lifetime Warranty.

In fact, for many adults, getting a camping list of cool new camping gadgets and gear can almost be as fun and exciting as camping itself!You'd be amazed at the outdoor gear they create to afford convenience in the wilderness these days.A hot shower, fresh espresso, electricity, and a comfy bed...Size: The torso length pack fits just about anyone - unless of course you're under 5'3" then it becomes too tall.It features adjustable shoulder and waist straps so that you can really customize the fit.