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14 Apr

I am uncertain as to why Protestants kept to the Hebrew version of the OT and rejected the version clearly used by Jesus.As for Sacred Tradition (not tradition w/small “t”), it is another way of handing on the faith—the Latin, “Traditio” means “to hand on”.The Greek Old Testament (called the text) contained only 39.After the new Christian sect fell out of favor with mainstream Judaism (around A. 90) and were driven away, the Jews took the Hebrew version of the Old Testament as their text because the Christians were adept at using the seven “other” books to convert people.In fact, Paul’s instruction on the celebration of the Eucharist itself (1 Cor. Paul then goes still further and tells the young bishop Timothy to entrust to faithful people that which he (Timothy) heard from Paul even by way of “many witnesses” (2 Tim. For a good article explaining still more about Tradition, go to this site: As for the Magisterium, it is the teaching office of the Church.Even though the Church came first, it still serves Sacred Scripture and tradition. All bishops by their ordination have this special gift of the Holy Spirit so long as they are in communion with the Holy Father.

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Here we have the attestation of the Jews in their own online encyclopedia as to why, ultimately, the Septuagint was rendered “unwelcome”: “it had been adopted as Sacred Scripture by the new faith.A revision in the sense of the canonical Jewish text was necessary”.Further, “The quotations from the Old Testament found in the New are in the main taken from the Septuagint; and even where the citation is indirect the influence of this version is clearly seen”. This tells us clearly that Jesus and his apostles used the Greek Septuagint Old Testament and not the Hebrew Masoretic.In his day, Hebrew had fallen out of use as an everyday language; Aramaic had taken its place.However, with the conquest of Alexander the Great, Greek became the biblical language due to the Hellenistic influence.