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27 Feb

The injury or risk of injury must not be due to an when a parent or caretaker does not provide for a child’s basic needs, where the parent or caretaker has the means or is offered a reasonable way to do so.It’s supposed to be anxiety free, where you can focus on connecting with the other person instead of worrying about how you're coming across.Unfortunately, for many people, conversation isn’t much fun. Maybe you feel anxious and stressed during conversations that others seem to enjoy.

Maltreatment (neglect) involves physical, mental or emotional harm.Conversation is supposed to be an opportunity to meet someone new, bond over shared interests – feel the spark of connection.It’s supposed to feel natural and flowing, where the right thing to say comes effortlessly.You may see signs of child abuse or maltreatment in the way a child looks or in the way a child acts.can include: a child whose hair, clothing or body is often very dirty; a child whose clothing is too hot or too cold for the season; a child who is not being watched properly; a child who is ill or hurt but is not seeing a doctor; or a child with bruises, burns, cuts, vaginal or rectal bleeding, or with soreness or itching in the genital area.