Glee rachel and puck dating

04 Feb

Or maybe not everyone gets a happy ending in high school.

The first musical number rolls around when Rory delivers Britt her marshmallows but she blows off his offer of a dinner date.

) We like this Rory kid, but he needs to take it down a notch.

Meanwhile Quinn and Puck have plotted to get Shelby out of her house for some time alone, and as soon as she's out the door instead of bonding with her baby Quinn starts sabotaging the house with items that might, somehow, lead the social worker to declare Shelby an unfit mother and get Beth back to them.

Then Finn is off to find Rory, who is painstakingly picking marshmallows out of cereal for Britt and fanboys Finn something epic when he talks to him.

Rory also painfully overshares immediately, trying to cram a bunch of character info into a quick scene (he's a virgin who wants to snog Britt, he thought America was all about being a melting pot but everyone is so mean!

Puck clasps her hand and tells her he'll be there for her. Rory does his spy duty for Finn, reporting that Britt is quitting the club.

When Finn confronts her with Santana about not being part of the team, Santana points out that Finn himself is being divisive with Blaine and not standing up for everyone's chances.

Later, when Quinn confronts Puck over his pool business not being enough of a real job to support Beth, she breaks down, talking about how everyone has a dream and a goal and the only good thing she's done is make Beth.When Britt tries to explain that it was a leprechaun wish, Finn tells her to stop being an idiot and believing in things like leprechauns or Santa Claus.She stares him down and points out that all the boys think she's stupid and he's bullying her which is disrespectful.Quinn wants Beth back so she'll be okay with her failed life in Lima.For all the noise about Rachel and Kurt being hurt characters, they actually have spirit.