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07 Apr

Today we visited the International Civil Rights Museum located in Greensboro, NC.

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And, I say that to say to the single mothers “…you did not bust that nut alone.” And, it is understandable to be angry that after he’s entered your sacred womb and enjoyed you, you could possibly bore a child with a man who can enjoy busting a nut with you, but cannot enjoy raising a child with you.We don’t never hear about shit like this.” (They didn’t know I was behind them.) And, he responded, “…so what is the use of black history month. As we moved on to discuss Brown vs Board of Education, the Voting Rights Act, etc.They don’t even tell us about this type of stuff in February! and entered the exhibits that detailed the horrific treatment of African people during the Civil Rights Movement like how the police used hoses to scatter crowds who rallied against segregation or how the dogs would literally bite into and ravage the arms and legs of young children beginning at 6 and 7 I noticed his eyes became red and he took off his glasses. The tour guide then moved us to the names of just some of the thousands arrested, beaten and killed for taking part in the organizations like SNCC and showed videos of the abuse handed down from governmental officials who were supposed to “serve and protect.” I noticed he began to distance himself from the group and intently read the stories of these young men and women and I could almost see his third eye opening in front of me.Males have been found to have a different perspective than females, most notably that of emotion versus logic, and although both sexes have the capability to be both, there is a difference in the way a male would rear a child versus the way a woman would rear a child.When the two perspectives join it provides a unique balance for the child in question creating a more well rounded child. I don’t know your experiences, I can empathize with your experiences, but I cannot attest to the fact that I know what it is to be a single mother, just like single mothers cannot know what it is to be a father to a child.