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01 Apr

“All of these business owners want to treat everyone with full human dignity and respect,” Robinson said during the bill's committee hearing last month, where it passed 8-1.“But their consciences and religious beliefs prevent them from using their skills to promote a celebration that runs counter to what the Bible teaches about marriage. O'Connor, Lincroft, NJManduka Beginner's Yoga Kit Giveaway (10 winners) A. Williams, Denver, COHotel Collection Premier Towel Set Giveaway (2 winners) J. Esenwine, Gilford, NHMilkmaid Goods' Women's Robe Giveaway (10 winners)B. The local human rights commission found the shop violated Lexington’s antidiscrimination ordinance and imposed a fine; a court overturned the decision, but the court ruling is now on appeal.Kentucky has no statewide law banning discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, but eight cities in the state have such laws — Lexington, Louisville, Covington, Morehead, Frankfort, Danville, Midway, and Vicco Business leaders and local politicians in several of the towns with LGBT protections also blasted the Senate's passage of the bill in the Fairness Coalition's statement today.

COM JANUARY 2017 WINNERSAfter Shokz Trekz Titanium Headphones Giveaway (4 winners)D. The bill now moves on to the House, where Democrats hold a six-seat majority over Republicans.If passed, the legislation would amend the state’s 2013 Religious Freedom Restoration Act to assure that it applies to providers of goods and services to the public, putting their work under the “protected activities” clause of the law.Shouldn’t their rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion be respected?” He also brought up the case of a Lexington T-shirt shop that declined to print T-shirts for an LGBT pride celebration in 2012 because of the owner’s religious beliefs.