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30 May

This process is to ensure that you didn't ask a friend to take the test online for you. Each year, tens of thousands of students apply to investment banks.

Those tests are a way for investment banks to make a first selection in their large applicant pool.

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The least proud achievements can be any kind of failure, but you need to show that you have learnt from that failure. (Mention what your learned from this and how you improved.) 8) Tell me about a goal that you set that you did not reach. What is the enterprise value if you subsequently use the billion to pay out a dividend?- Why might a company be trading at a lower EV/EBITDA multiple than its competitors of the same size in the same industry? - Talk to me about some hostile deals that have been initiated lately. What percent of hostile deals are completed by the buyers who started the process?Valuation Questions - Give me an overview of at least five valuation methodologies for a company. - What percent of total DCF value is usually in the Terminal Value? Capital Structure and Financing - If you were pitching to be an underwriter for an IPO, what would the table of contents of the pitch book look like?- Which of the valuation methods will tend to lead to the highest valuation? What proportion did the Terminal Value contribute to the Enterprise Value? - What implications are there for cash dividend versus stock repurchase? - How can a company reduce its Debt/EBITDA ratio without increasing EBITDA or paying down debt? LBO questions - What is the IRR with an equity investment of £100m and exit equity value of £300m after three years? - Give an example of Circular Reference in an LBO model.Accounting questions - Walk me through the impact of an asset write-down on the financial statements.