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12 Aug

That aspect of the story has a topical edge given Brexit.

Hamilton was also a firm believer in his nation's sovereignty.

Apart from Mr Westman the star of the show is Michael Jibson as a pleasingly puddingish, catty George III.

The English king stamps his royal hoof on the floor, saying he is feeling blue at the loss of his colony – and he is immediately swathed in blue light.

Would he have been a Leaver or a Remainer in 21st century Britain? Not since the Old English epic poem Beowulf has there been a work of such prolonged, rippling rhythm as 'Hamilton'.

The best reason for catching this over-hyped American musical is the energy of its hip-hop rap writing Jamael Westman cuts a rangy, confident figure as we see blue-tailcoated Hamilton rise from Caribbean immigrant to national founding father.

Feb 05 to Feb 28 Simplilearn is conducting a 3-day Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training in Canada.Financial Benefits: Cost cut down due to decrease in cost of production and services and effective risk management and increase in revenue2.Operational Benefits: Reduces workload of employees and increases their satisfaction level due to improvement in internal communication flow3.Mr Westman is a convincing hunk for the various women who fall for our hero.Hamilton dabbles with both Angelica Schuyler (Rachel John) and her sister Eliza (a somewhat Sindy Doll turn from Rachelle Ann Go), whom he marries.