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30 Jul

There Richard played cello and performed in orchestras.At the age of 14, he transferred to Pattison College after he got a grant from the Leicestershire Authority and majored in Performing Arts (Drama and dance).But I felt it was important to understand the industry that Thornton is in, so I researched the cotton industry and I went to the various places in England where there are working museums, one of which turned out to be one of the locations, which was brilliant. I think Engels has written a book which was based around the working classes in the 1850s which is incredibly detailed about the poverty – so I looked at that for a start.And then I read around the etiquette of the 1850s as well. What we take for granted now was just being born then.” The character of John Thornton “[Elizabeth Gaskell], for me, is probably the most exciting of the Victorian novelists.The series was launched in September 2000 and it was the first BBC sitcom to introduce US production methods such as writing teams, under the stewardship of American creator Fred Barron.Zoe Wanamaker has made brief appearances in the Harry Potter films as Quidditch coach Madame Hooch, while Lindsay starred in the Hornblower TV movies.Coronation Street star Sherrie Hewson recently opened up about her romance with the actor during their drama school days in her memoirs.

It's not necessarily an attraction but something he thrives on." But writer Sandy Welch saw a problem with the way their relationship was written in the novel. One of the only liberties I've taken is to even that up a bit. Thornton, it will be inside his cotton mill, where he appears in quite a brutal and dangerous light.” She was referring to the scene in which Thornton is seen beating and kicking a worker he has caught smoking in his mill.But in fact, the casting process for Thornton was a long one. I felt that I owed it to the role to know as much about it before I attempted to try and convince someone to cast me as Thornton.” “Within the first pages, I thought, ‘I’m right for this person and for this role’. By this time, Daniela Denby-Ashe had been cast as Margaret Hale, and he was asked to read with her.Richard Armitage was one of the first people who was seen for the role. My roots are in that part of the country and that kind of industry. "Something great happened when I read with Daniela.'Watching his passionate portrayal I fell instantly in love.'He asked me on a date and within weeks we were in love and decided to move in together…in a very shabby flat.''We'd been in our little love nest for a year when we decided to get married.