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20 Jul

The terrain consists of high veld, plateau, and mountains.The climate is temperate with hot summers and cool to cold winters.The people of Lesotho are called Basotho (plural) and Mosotho (singular).

A shield that is part of the country's coat of arms appears in the upper left diagonal space.

Although Lesotho has undergone politic strife and change during the past thirty years, the Basotho are bonded by a deep reverence for the royal family and a fierce determination to remain an independent nation. Lesotho is a very homogenous nation, both in terms of the ethnic makeup of its population as well as religion and culture.

Lesotho's strong cultural identity does not translate into a strong national identity, however, since its location deep in the heart of South Africa has historically forced the small country into dependence on its much larger neighbor. The Sotho ethnic group comprises almost 100 percent of Lesotho's population.

In 1966 the nation gained independence and the constitutional monarchy of Lesotho was established.

Moshoeshoe II, great-grandson of Moshoeshoe I, was installed as king and head of state, and Leabua Jonathan served as prime minister and head of government.