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20 Mar

There are also bots built into Messenger that can help you diagnose that weird rash or shop for you.

One thing to note: users know when you've read their messages (and vice versa) and there's no straightforward way to disable read receipts, sadly.

Plus, the Facebook-owned app has over one billion users on its platform, so it's likely that some of your friends already using it.

Whats App offers free text messaging, group messaging, voice, and video calls over cellular data or Wi-Fi.

The app is encrypted end-to-end by default, but it can record metadata like the date, timestamp, and phone numbers associated with a message, according to a recently revised privacy policy. It works on your phone, it works on your Mac, and it works on your i Pad. It automatically sends texts via i Message when it's appropriate, and regular SMS to those outside the "blue bubble." It can handle all kinds of media: GIFs, contacts, location, links, photos, videos, and voice memos.Additionally, "Secret Conversations" only encrypts text messages, photos, and videos sent in the thread, but it doesn't protect audio and video calls. Hangouts (free, i OS, Android, and web) puts text messaging, audio calling, and video calling in one place – but it does not offer full encryption, so Google can wiretap conversations at the request of law enforcement.You'll need to use Google Allo's incognito mode for messaging and Google Duo for video chatting with end-to-end encryption. For text and audio, use Signal, an app endorsed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.Whats App and Google Duo do not require you to have a Facebook or Google account, respectively.New users can simply sign up with their phone number.