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06 Jul

He'd already struck up a conversation with Angela Johnson, a detective constable with the London, Ontario, exploitation unit, who was posing online as a mother of three.

One New Brunswick man wrote that he was "a creepy little man" and that "anyone with more IQ points than teeth sees [his work] as deliberately and prematurely sexualizing children."This article doesn't go into detail regarding the disgusting material found.

Note the reference in the article that his parents where staunch NDP supporters.

Liberal ideology in general is very permissive, with so called "sophistication" which makes EVERYTHING relative.

As someone who attended all the Finch courthouse dates, I can say that one of the best moments was when Levin kept sinking into his chair while the utterly disgusting details of his depravity were read out and addressed.

I have no sympathy whatsoever for this depraved monster.