Prerteens cam

23 Apr

For professional drivers, our pick for the best dash cam is the Black Vue DR650S-02Ch.This HD dash cam records with two wide-angle cameras that see in front and behind your vehicle, and it even records break-ins when your car is parked.However, if you just want to record a scenic drive through the mountains, almost any model will work.Below are some of the features you should consider: Image Quality Every dash cam we reviewed records in at least 720p HD, though most record in 1080p HD.In other words, this dash cam sees more than others, which means it better protects against insurance fraud and at-fault claims that could cripple your career.And if you manage a fleet of vehicles, it allows you to track and evaluate your drivers.This model also comes with night vision and loop recording, which saves storage space by recording over unneeded footage.

In other words, this dash cam can do more for less.That way, you don’t fill up storage space with meaningless footage of your commute, and you only have to save a recording when an accident occurs.Automatic & Manual Recording If you want to record scenic drives, then you don't want to loop record or set the dash cam for impact detection.Likewise, the more the camera records, the more you are protected from false claims.Most cameras we reviewed have a field of view of 120 degrees, but some reach as wide as 140 degrees.